Virofiber Innovations

As a leading innovator in today’s green building products market, Virofiber’s dedication to developing alternative methods is a fundamental part of what makes Virofiber unique. Since its initial creation over 30 years ago, the Virofiber material has expanded greatly to encompass almost all areas of architectural building needs. At Viro, we understand the importance of flexibility and flux in today’s modern world. Committed to supporting positive and healthy environmental practices, Viro looks to ingenuity as an inspiration, attracting designers and architects who thrive with this philosophy in mind.

Water Hyacinth:

Viro replicates the beauty of a tropical water hyacinth with this unique product made for a multitude of purposes.

Sisal (Viromat):

A great alternative to the real thing, featuring a series of new weaves. Classic and understated.


A multi-use product for indoor or out, can be engineered for decorative or structural applications.

Fold Braid (Viromat):

A new take on a classic idea, our Fold Braid flooring solution is as durable as it is beautiful in a combination of tasteful colors.


Viro introduces a new series of flexible fibers called Flexo.

Flexo fibers combines a new raw material elastomer with our existing HDPE and PE formulations. The mix of these materials creates a fiber with not only a soft touch but changes the density to a pliable, flexible “rubbery-like” fiber that is easy to weave. Flexo still maintains all the benefits of our all-weather, durable synthetic wicker; 100% recyclable, non-toxic, weather resistant, won’t fade, crack or peel. The wide surface has a subtle leather texture which adds style to any outdoor application. Available in 5 user friendly colors.

Patina Collection:

Viro introduces the new Patina Collection.

Just as it sounds, these fibers are reminiscent of summer days and well worn wicker chairs found on front porches throughout the tropics. Weathered tones that conjure up the colors found on tin roofs, summer sunsets, washed linens, fresh green herbs and the red tones found in weathered brownstone bricks. Like a well worn pair of jeans, these fibers are gently burnished to create a weathered and worn effect that shows the true fiber color underneath. The Viro Patina Collection... What is old is new again. Available in 6 weathered colors: Antiqued Black, Washed White Linen, Red Brownstone Brick, Tarragon Spice, Weathered Beach and Summer Sunset. All Patina fibers are Polyrod U4 Smooth.